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Corey DeGiacomo, LMFT Intern

Areas of Focus

    Individuals, Couples, Teens, Families



    As a student therapist I am not able to charge insurance.


My Approach

    I believe that all people are capable of achieving the change they seek and that my role is to come alongside you and help discover with you what paths lead to the desired change. I believe that people are intersections. All of us are the intersection of various contexts. Each person is shaped by their biology, psychology, childhood, education, by social, cultural, familial, financial situations and a variety of other systems. Therefore, I believe in looking at all areas of a client’s life to find resources for change. Speaking more specifically, I have a focus on emotional experience with the ability to incorporate structured behavioral work when needed. 


My Story

From early on in my life I learned to be of service to others. I was instilled with the idea that, if possible, I should help my fellow humans. I originally thought I would do this by teaching theology but as life went on, I found myself on a new path. I found myself working for a large retail company, getting married, and welcoming children into my home. Life was good but I still wanted to be of service to others. So, I headed back to school to become a therapist. I have recently completed my coursework and I am now taking on the exciting work of helping people through therapy. 

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