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Marriage, Pre-Marriage, Blended Families, Adolescents, Anxiety and Depression in Individual Men and Women


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I believe the single most important condition for an effective therapeutic experience is the connection between the Therapist and Client.  This connection should be one of respect, safety and with an emphasis on growth and movement towards a more healthy place for the client. I believe that God is present within each and every session as well, and I trust His guidance and ultimate direction and wisdom.


After 17 years in the business world, I returned to school to eventually secure my Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy in 2008.  I started my individual practice, Counseling 1820, LLC in 2010 with a License in Marital and Family Therapy and eventually help form New Path Christian Counseling in 2016.  My first book “The Best Marriage Ever” was published in 2012, and my relationship segment “Ask Donnie” started on News 9 in Oklahoma City in 2010.  I believe God directs obedient hearts to a place of service, within and as a product of the talents he has given each of His people.  I love helping hurting hearts, and find nothing more satisfying or rewarding then the role I have been allowed to play in so many since my journey began in 2010.


  • “Good Fights” by Parrot

  • “Love and Respect” by Eggerich

  • “Sheet Music” by Leman

  • "Love and Apology Languages" by Chapman

  • “Boundaries” by Cloud and Townsend

  • “What are you afraid” of by Jeremiah

  • “How Pornography Harms” by Foubert

  • “The Entitlement Cure” by Townsend

  • “Sacred Marriage” by Thomas

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